The foundation of our business has always been our employees. Upon this foundation, Sun Valley Electric Mfg., Inc., ("SVEM") has built our relationships with customers and suppliers. It is our policy to first and foremost, adhere to good business principles and to deal with our employees, customers and suppliers with honesty and integrity. As our goal is a long-term relationship we would appreciate your comments and suggestions if at any time you aren’t communicated with in a timely, factual, straightforward and honest manner.

Sun Valley Electric Mfg., Inc. has a commitment to excellence that is best defined by personalized service before and after a sale, the ability to provide new and expanded services to meet the needs of our customers, maintaining appropriate inventory levels to quickly meet customer needs, we take much pride in providing fair prices and in producing a high quality of merchandise that’s dependable and reliable.

We have always taken great pride in providing quality products and greatly appreciate suppliers who also aspire to these same high standards of performance.

We consistently strive to provide a professional staff that is immediately available to all our customers. The company environment at Sun Valley Electric Mfg., Inc., empowers employees to proactively define and plan career options that are realistic and integrate their own needs and company needs. Employees can identify their career strengths, needs, and preferences and learn to apply them.  Employees are strongly encouraged to define and present new or improve methods of managing their tasks. Sun Valley Electric Mfg., Inc., prides itself on maintaining and developing highly trained and dedicated personnel. SVEM strives to provide a continuous learning environment that supports the development of employee and organizational competencies critical to the success of the business.

The overall aim of our human resource department is to accurately assess and improve employee performance. By focusing on results and helping employees achieve those results, facilitating communications between employees and management on performance issues and linking the performance appraisal process to other quality and management systems we can ultimately increase the talent of the organization and support current and future business objectives.

We are proud of being "One of Arizona's Best Resources...Sun Valley". Through 60 years and three generations the tradition of excellence has continued.


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